How to properly install a constant temperature and humidity air conditioning unit!

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How to properly install a constant temperature and humidity air conditioning unit!

Constant temperature and humidity air conditioning in our daily life application is not much, mainly in the environmental requirements of particularly high places to use, such as a variety of laboratories on the temperature and humidity requirements are very strict, constant temperature and humidity unit selection and installation is a study. Below to give you the following precautions.

Need to think and do the following:

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1, look at their own company needs constant temperature and humidity place whether there can be put seat unit position. If there is, need to find their own mason to put the designated set of that area of the ground to do level.

2, if the company needs to do constant temperature and humidity of the place does not have a wide space for constant temperature and humidity unit placement. Then it is necessary to install the ceiling type constant temperature and humidity unit. First of all, we should consider whether the ceiling can withstand several hundred kilograms of heavy objects. It is necessary for the company itself to find the property to check the load-bearing range of each square metre of the floor. General industrial plants can withstand several hundred kilograms, not a big problem.

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3, the choice of outdoor unit should be selected easy to install, maintenance and well ventilated area. Begin to install the situation to pay attention to

(1) constant temperature and humidity unit corners to pad shock-absorbing rubber pads, shock-absorbing rubber pad thickness of about three centimetres. This can reduce the vibration propagation when the unit is running.

(2) The outdoor fan must be an axial rotor fan, not suitable for connecting the air duct, the outdoor unit should be as close as possible to the indoor unit, in order to reduce the number of elbows of the refrigerant pipe transport.

(3) Check whether the ground is level before installing the indoor unit. If the ground level is nothing, not level need to find the customer consultation. Because the level of the ground to ensure that the set of fasteners uniform force. External drainage pipe should be connected to the first U-shaped bend, and ensure that far along the direction of water flow has not less than 5% slope, which can ensure that the condensate smoothly discharged.

(4) air duct can choose phenolic insulation pipe, so light and conducive to the installation, to speed up the work schedule. Duct and unit outlet flange with thick canvas soft connection to reduce the unit vibration spread, but also to avoid damage to the duct due to unit vibration.

(5) All the air supply, at least three 600 × 600MM air outlet to keep open, the length of the air supply pipe should be based on the set of residual pressure to determine the size of the number of air supply must be based on the indoor airflow reasonable arrangement.

(6) If it is necessary to install the return air duct, the filter of the unit should be removed beforehand. It is convenient to freely adjust the height of the return air duct, or make a section of canvas duct to connect with the return air column.

(7) The number of oil storage bends depends on the height of the indoor and outdoor units to every four and a half metres.

(8) If the design of the compressor is equipped with a crankshaft heater, the heater should be heated for more than six hours, otherwise it will damage the compressor and cause the compressor life to be shortened.

(9) If the system of constant temperature and humidity unit adopts wet film humidifier, the customer only needs to talk about where the nearest available water pipeline is, and the installer will directly install it to the humidifier inlet pipe and adjust the inlet valve to a suitable position. This is to avoid excessive water flow.

(10) The air conditioner must be grounded to prevent the hazards caused by insulation failure.

(11) Use terminal blocks or single wires for all wiring. Multi-stranded stranded wire connected directly to the terminal block may cause ignition.

(12) Do not allow cables to touch refrigerant pipes and moving parts such as compressor and fan.

(13) Do not change the constant temperature and humidity unit internal wiring. The above is simple about the installation of constant temperature and humidity air conditioning matters needing attention, this is just a simple description of some of the time, when everyone in the installation of constant temperature and humidity air conditioning, we must be careful to carry out normal operation. So as not to cause damage or loss.

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Constant temperature and humidity machine product advantages:

1, constant temperature and humidity machine control accuracy: to meet the special environment for temperature and humidity of the harsh requirements, can achieve the temperature control accuracy ± 1 ℃, humidity control accuracy ± 5% RH;

2, a set = 365 days cycle of stable operation: constant temperature and humidity machine usage rate higher than ordinary household air conditioning, equipment 365 days a year, 24 hours a day uninterrupted operation design, product reliability design, rigorous testing, high-efficiency compressor, the performance of smooth operation, endurance, good quality, to meet the needs of the special places of low constant temperature and humidity;

3, the body of the road alloy sheet metal spray material thickness of 2.0mm: body sheet metal, beautiful appearance, anti-corrosion, effectively increase the service life of the product;

4, function = refrigeration + heating + dehumidification + humidification: this machine has a cooling, heating, dehumidification, humidification function, the user can choose a function according to the need, so that both to meet the requirements of temperature and humidity, but also to achieve energy-saving effect;

5, accessories = are used in international brands: compressor and the main accessories through the refrigeration system of scientific and reasonable design, in different environments under normal operation. Overcome the domestic models of the same industry, the cooling capacity, dehumidification capacity is insufficient, the unit frequently start the shortcomings of the high failure rate of the product. At the same time also improve the service life of the product;

6, control = intelligent PLC touch controller: the unit uses an intelligent PLC touch controller, air temperature, humidity display, set the temperature and humidity need to be controlled, reach the set temperature and humidity will automatically shut down, higher than the set temperature and humidity will be automatically switched on, to achieve automation. According to the relative temperature and humidity set by the user, it can start and stop automatically, with high precision, good reliability, beautiful appearance and easy operation;

7, protection = fault display function: the unit has a temperature and humidity display, fault display and other functions. With overload, short circuit, phase failure, overheating, high pressure, low pressure, etc..