Why does cigar storage require a constant humidity environment?

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Cigars are a highly priced tobacco product that, unlike cigarettes, has become a reflection of status and lifestyle. The key is the mellow and heavy sensory enjoyment that cigars bring to the taste buds, and the value that cigars uniquely represent.

As the saying goes, "three cigars, seven cigars", if you want to get the best experience of cigars, "seven cigars" is the key, which is the key temperature and humidity environment.

Cigars prefer a constant temperature environment of 16-20°C and a constant humidity requirement of 65-70%.

Why does humidity have such a big impact on cigars?

Temperature and humidity control for cigar maintenance

Cigars in humid environments can develop cigar bugs, smoke too wet, be difficult to smoke and develop bad flavours.

Therefore, proper temperature and humidity are very important for cigar maintenance. If the cigar is not to be kept for years, but only for a few months or weeks, a slightly lower humidity level may achieve a better condition for the cigar.

The importance of a humidified environment for cigars is held in high regard by many cigar smokers, not only because of the dependence on humidity for the mellowing of cigars, but also because of the difficulty of providing a constant humidity environment for cigars; some experienced cigar smokers have professional constant temperature and humidity air conditioning in their cellars or humidors.

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Freeda is the domestic cost-effective constant temperature and humidity machine brand, its cellar constant temperature and humidity air conditioning can be for different temperature and humidity requirements for temperature and humidity regulation and control, stabilising the ideal temperature and humidity.

With cooling, heating, dehumidification, humidification, precise and stable control, energy efficient, safe and reliable and other functions.

Temperature control range 10-26 ℃ ± 2 ℃, humidity control range: RH40-75% ± 5%, to meet the low-temperature environment required in the cigar room.

Freeda cellar constant temperature and humidity air conditioning is also suitable for wine cellars, tea cellars and other cellar environment.