How can archives ensure standardisation of temperature and humidity?

2023-10-28 16:27:06 admin 10

Archives general room is not allowed on the ground floor, 1, because the archive room is susceptible to moisture 2, because it is easy to enter the dust 3, because of contact with the crowd near the serious will lead to fire hazards.

If the archive is contained in the film room, as well as the tape room then the temperature should be controlled at 14-24 ℃, with the equipment of the warehouse daily changes of no more than 2 ℃, relative humidity should be controlled at 45-60%, the range does not exceed plus or minus 5%. So this will inevitably need to use the archive room constant temperature and humidity air conditioning, humidity can be adjusted by humidifier and desiccant. As well as ventilation is usually not a lot of space in the archive room, so also said that some means of ventilation is needed.

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Purpose of ventilation: According to the law of air flow, plan to let the indoor and outdoor air exchange, and then achieve the purpose of regulating indoor temperature and humidity.

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