Maintenance of archive constant temperature and humidity machine

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The working environment of the archive constant temperature and humidity machine: the temperature is 18 ℃ ~ 30 ℃, relative humidity is ≤ 90%.

        Constant temperature and humidity air conditioning unit maintenance details:

        Maintenance method 1: Clean the appearance and surrounding of the unit. Check and adjust the unit. Check the function of the control centre. Check the starter and relay. Check the operation of the compressor. Check the motor and its operation.

        Maintenance method 2: Check the condition of the shaft seal. Analysis of water system and heat exchange effect. Check the unit's snow seed fill level. Oil level, oil colour and oil temperature. No filter element and oil pressure difference. Dry filters. Unit tightness. Status of interlocking equipment for unit auxiliary components.

        Maintenance Method 3: Close the gate valves at both ends of the oil filter. Use an air hose to vent gas into the drum. Do not open so many exhaust valves at first, increase slowly.

        Maintenance Method 4: Touch the outer tubing of both gate valves of the oil filter by hand. The temperature at both ends should be similar, both higher than the temperature of the oil filter, indicating that the valves are in good closed condition.

        MAINTENANCE METHOD 5. After venting, remove with a tool. When it is almost removed. manually operate the filter remotely to check for complete pressure relief.

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The editor reminds you to remember to regularly check:
(1) Is the electrical wiring loose
(2) Is there any noise during the operation of various components of the unit and whether the operation is normal
(3) Is the high and low pressure of the refrigeration system normal
(4) Is the operating current of each motor normal