Machine room constant temperature and humidity unit compressor frost how to do

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Machine room constant temperature and humidity unit compressor frost how to do

Something with a long time there will be some small problems, after all, in the use of the process is subject to wear and tear, constant temperature and humidity unit after a period of time there will be some small faults, common is the cold storage compressor return port frost, fine frost generally do not have to deal with this is a normal phenomenon, the compressor frost constant temperature and humidity will continue to work, but if it is serious then it's very troublesome, it means that the constant temperature and humidity machine Can not work properly, can not control the temperature and humidity of the room, which will lead to changes in the environment, the equipment inside the room will be affected. The reasons for frost are as follows:

1, constant temperature and humidity machine compressor return air frost: we know that the same quality of refrigerant, if you change the volume and pressure, the temperature will have a different performance. If the compressor return temperature is low, it will generally show the return pressure is low and the same volume of refrigerant is high, can cause the root of this situation is that the refrigerant flowing through the evaporator can not fully absorb their own expansion to the predetermined pressure temperature value of the heat required.

This phenomenon can be adjusted through the hot gas bypass valve on the line, the specific method is to open the back of the hot gas bypass valve end cap, and then with the No. 8 hexagonal spanner, clockwise rotation inside the adjusting nut, the adjustment process is not too fast, generally turn half a circle or so on the pause to allow the system to run for a period of time to look at the situation of the frost and then decide whether or not to continue to adjust the operation is stable, the phenomenon of compressor frost disappears and then tighten the end cap screw on the Can be solved.

2, refrigerant reduction: the compressor is used over the refrigerant to achieve the purpose of temperature and humidity control, refrigerant is what we usually call refrigerant, which is a consumable, in the use of the process will slowly reduce, of course, this reduction process is relatively slow. Once the refrigerant is too little then it will be in the evaporator local formation of low temperature, and then in the evaporator surface to form a heat insulation layer, resulting in low heat transfer in the region, the refrigerant expansion will be transferred to other areas, and gradually appeared throughout the evaporator frost or ice phenomenon, so the compressor frost is inevitable. This as long as to increase the refrigerant can be solved.

3, cylinder head frost: due to a large number of wet vapour or refrigerant sucked into the compressor (serious crankcase frost), resulting in this situation is due to two reasons, one is the thermal expansion valve opening too large, the temperature sensing package installation error or fixed loose, so that the feeling of the temperature is too high to make the valve spool abnormally large; there is also a leakage of the solenoid valve for the supply of liquids or shutdown of the expansion valve closed laxly, resulting in the start-up of evaporators before the Has accumulated a large amount of refrigerant liquid. In a word, it is due to a large amount of wet vapour or refrigerant sucked into the compressor. This situation can be repaired by cleaning, replacing the thermal expansion valve, re-wrapping the temperature-sensitive package, leak detection, leakage repair, refrigerant charging and other methods.

Of course, there are many reasons for constant temperature and humidity unit compressor frost, the above is a common three, the phenomenon of frost should not be anxious, they can be solved then solve their own, if the solution can not be asked to air-conditioning repair personnel door-to-door service, or with the manufacturer to contact the manufacturer, communication is now so developed, you can quickly find the cause of frost.