Constant temperature and humidity box machine can not start how to do?

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How to detect constant temperature and humidity chamber machine can not start

        1. Constant temperature and humidity test box wiring whether contact is good


        2. Whether the main switch is in good contact / burnt out or damaged


        3. Whether the contactor or relay is in good contact / burnt out or damaged


        4. Whether the temperature setting of the instrument is correct/whether it is burnt out or damaged


        5. Whether the phase sequence connection of the power supply inlet line (phase sequence relay) is correct / burnt out or damaged


        6. Whether the pressure controller is correctly adjusted / burnt out or damaged


        Application of constant temperature and humidity machine:

        1. Ordinary air conditioner mainly solves the ambient temperature and temperature change, while our constant temperature and humidity machine puts forward the concept of ambient humidity change, humidification becomes its main part.

        2. In order to avoid the mutual influence of indoor temperature and humidity in the process of heating, cooling and humidifying, this machine is equipped with temperature and humidity mutual compensation control, which solves the constant temperature and humidity state in the environment during the continuous working time, while the ordinary air conditioner is often unable to adjust the temperature and humidity for a long time.

        3. Constant temperature and humidity environment generally have high requirements for air purification. Constant temperature and humidity machine pay attention to the use of the environment. Clean humidified water is an important measure for us to create a suitable constant temperature and humidity environment for you. Due to the difference in the use of the environment, ordinary air conditioners usually only use ordinary filters.

        4. Constant temperature and humidity environment tends to have good air tightness. If people work and study in the environment, we are equipped with a fresh air ventilation system that can supplement the indoor outdoor fresh air.

        5. It can be used as a stand-alone machine or connected in parallel for centralised measurement and control. With manual, automatic, timer switch and other multi-functional use, suitable for large area environmental engineering needs.

        6. Ordinary air-conditioning sensors are generally placed in the return air outlet, the measured temperature and humidity values are different from the actual temperature and humidity changes in the environment. Constant temperature and humidity machine using the sensor can be placed in the indoor space. When needed, multiple sets of probes can be placed in different locations of the environment, multi-point data acquisition and microcomputer processing control signals to achieve uniform temperature and humidity requirements.

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