Introduction of constant temperature and humidity machine for display cabinets

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Museum display cabinet constant temperature and humidity machine, display cabinet constant temperature and humidity machine is an independent research and development of a special for museums, exhibition halls, cultural museums and painting and calligraphy museums inside the internal space of the various display cabinets system development of a small constant temperature and humidity machine (constant temperature and humidity machine). Museum display cabinet constant temperature and humidity machine has a small air volume, large wind pressure, dehumidification, and a machine multi-purpose (warming, cooling, constant temperature, dehumidification, humidification, constant humidity, purification) characteristics, applicable to cultural relics display cabinets, museums through the cabinet, cultural relics storehouse and small storerooms, and so on.

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Why do you need constant temperature and humidity machine inside the museum exhibition cabinet:

Archives, museums, painting and calligraphy rooms, etc. As the preservation of information, books, cultural relics and other items, collection and distribution or display of the place, its location is very important. Archives, for example, the temperature and humidity changes in the museum is the key factor affecting the aging and deterioration of archival materials, reasonable control of the temperature and humidity in the museum is the first work of good archive preservation. According to the archives to save the relevant requirements, to create a scientific and reasonable temperature and humidity environment, to prevent the archives of the growth and propagation of mould and rot bacteria, which is conducive to the long-term preservation of archival materials, for some of the functions of the equipment room and room also need to refer to the corresponding temperature and humidity standards. In addition to the monitoring of the archive environment should also be based on the different geographic locations and climatic characteristics of China, combined with the economic development of different regions, a combination of factors, to organise the temperature and humidity monitoring programme configuration.

According to scientific data confirmed that most of the moths and moulds survival temperature above 10 degrees Celsius, below this temperature, pests that is the loss of the ability to move and and stop reproducing, and relative humidity below 65%, most of the moulds can not develop normally. Therefore, the conditions of the collection room, painting and calligraphy library temperature should be controlled at 18 ℃, relative humidity should be controlled between 50% -65%, which can inhibit pests, mould growth and reproduction, is conducive to the maintenance of painting and calligraphy paper. If the relative humidity is reduced to below 45%, and last a long time, the paper will be dry and brittle, resulting in physical decay. Therefore, maintaining the relative humidity of 50%-65% and 10-18 degrees Celsius temperature and humidity environment is a strict requirement for the preservation of calligraphy and painting.

The characteristics of constant temperature and humidity machine for display cabinets:

1. Refrigeration system structure is delicate, simple and reasonable, good airtightness, high reliability, easy to install and use. Adopting brand compressor and heat exchanger, the whole machine is small in size, light in weight, low in energy consumption and high in efficiency.

2. Intelligent monitoring constant temperature and humidity museum for PLC programmable control system, automatic display of relative humidity, according to the user's set humidity for automatic detection and automatic control. The control system is easy and simple to operate, can be any control of temperature and humidity. Cultural relics collection protection constant temperature and humidity air conditioning, equipped with perfect operation and fault indicator, switch, operation at a glance. Constant humidity machine are equipped with a variety of protection devices. Human nature control, optimisation of energy saving, unit capacity, perfect protection devices to ensure equipment operation: configuration of high and low pressure, anti-freezing, oil pressure protection, overload protection, compressor three-minute protection, under-reverse protection and other multiple protection, stable operation.

3. Intelligent monitoring of constant temperature and humidity museum in the environment within the range of 10-95% relative humidity, ambient temperature -4-38 ℃ can work normally. Comparison of large current in line with the IEC (Electrotechnical Commission) standards, while the current is also in line with the (ISO) energy efficiency standards.

4. Intelligent monitoring and control of constant temperature and humidity museum equipment are flat cabinet removable structure, maintenance is particularly convenient.

5. Multi-fan design, more adaptable to low-temperature operation; in the low ambient temperature by automatically controlling the fan start and stop, can make the unit in the lower ambient temperature operation, and have a good energy-saving effect.