Industrial dehumidifiers are commonly used in server rooms, laboratories, libraries, etc.

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Many people pay a little attention will be found in the computer room, laboratory or library can see a dehumidifier in operation, and even questioned why these places need industrial dehumidifier, in fact, their role is to protect the indoor valuables or collection of books are not damaged by moisture and other reasons.

Especially in the south of China in most areas of the rainy season comes endless sun is very little, this time it is necessary to configure industrial dehumidifier to moisture dehumidification.

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Firstly, to explain why the installation of industrial dehumidifiers in the library;

As we all know, the book collection preservation will face three kinds of problems, respectively, pest control, fire prevention and moisture, no matter which of the three appear will cause irreparable damage.

Although it seems that the humidity problem is not as intuitive as the other two brought about by the damage, but this damage is not to be underestimated. The carrier of the book is generally paper, and the raw material of paper and plant fibres is a very easy to absorb moisture. If there is no attention to the library's moisture problem, usually may not see anything, but when accumulated to a certain extent when the damage caused by moisture is irreversible, can only be re-transcribed or find another way. Even some serious will cause blurred handwriting, can not see the previous content and other consequences. In summary, the library in order to better preserve the books and collections, or to use industrial dehumidifiers.

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The next thing to say is that the laboratory, laboratory things are required to be accurate to the degree of outrageous, or a little error is a slight experimental failure heavy cause personnel injury and financial losses. Especially many things are made of metal, even rust-proof products can not guarantee immunity to rust. Not to mention that the humid environment is also a suitable living environment for bacteria, whether it is because of bacteria caused by poor perspective or metal rust, these will affect the success of the experiment. So in order to the accuracy of the experimental data and the success rate is still recommended to configure an industrial dehumidifier to help you moisture dehumidification.

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So why does a server room also need an industrial dehumidifier?

Because the mainframe and other equipment in the server room are almost all very sophisticated electrical appliances, when the humidity in the air exceeds the standard, people may not feel it, but these pretentious equipment will make a protesting sound, such as short-circuit or slow operation. These situations will not only affect the normal operation of the equipment on its life is also a kind of damage. And when the machine occurs short-circuit and other malfunctions when the process of repair back to the economic damage caused by the enterprise, and will make the staff to increase the workload. For the current period of rapid development of the Internet, these factors may affect the overall situation of the company.

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