Wine Cellar Requirements

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The ideal wine cellar should meet several basic requirements

1, enough storage space, good ventilation, (wine is alive, need to breathe oxygen)

2、Temperature 10-14 degrees (too high temperature cork is easy to expand, too high easy to dry crack)

3、Humidity 75-80% (too low humidity is easy to mould and deteriorate)

4, isolation of natural lighting, anti-vibration, anti-giant sound (easy to deteriorate)

5, the need for logs to make wine racks, which use oak is suitable for the

6, logs can not do paint, especially easy to destroy the quality of red wine. (Air through the cork and wine contact)

7, the wine rack, the slope of the laminate to grasp, the wine just soaked to the cork one-third of the height, to ensure that the humidity of the cork. If all the corks are soaked, the corks will become mouldy and the wine and air will not come into contact with the corks.

Not soaked, the cork is easy to dry open column.

8, it is recommended that you can prepare a memo, not only in the above record the name of the Portuguese wine, the year, origin, region, grape varieties, grade and bottler's name, more importantly, you can record each time after the tasting of insights and thoughts, and even the evaluation of other wine tasters and things with the special matching method.

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There is no better place to store wine than in a cool, airy underground cellar.

But whether you want a large or small cellar, it's important to consider the configuration of the space beforehand. The more you want to use it for a long period of time, the better the conditions should be planned.

If your wines will only be stored for a few weeks before they are ready to be enjoyed, you don't necessarily need a cellar, but rather a place where they can be kept for a few weeks in a room with a temperature of 10 degrees above or 18 degrees below, as long as the temperature in the room doesn't vary too much!

For wines that are to be stored for several months, years or even more than ten years, they should be kept in a ventilated, dry and cool cellar at a temperature of around 10-13 degrees Celsius. Apart from the right temperature, dryness and air circulation, humidity is also very important; too much humidity will lead to mouldy corks, and too much dryness will lead to shrinkage. Wines with soft drink bottle caps and plastic corks can be stored in a standing position, but this kind of wines is not easy to be stored in the long term, and should be avoided as much as possible. All wines should be protected from bright light, either sunlight or light, which can be very harmful to sparkling wines in particular.