Clean room temperature and humidity control system, electronic factory constant temperature and humidity machine

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With the continuous development of science and technology, products are more and more sophisticated, performance is more and more outstanding, more and more functions, especially electronic products.

Take mobile phones as an example, 20 years ago the mobile phone on the phone, send messages, play a Snake and Tetris, however, mobile phones have now entered the 5G era, there has been very little call to send messages, but WeChat video, but also can play online games, play live, more and more functions. So many functions to be embodied in a small chip, it requires a suitable environment in the production.

So nowadays, the electronic factory production workshop is basically a clean workshop, and it is a very high degree of cleanliness of the clean room, otherwise the production of the product is very easy to be affected by the environment.

We know that there is dust in the air, the dust looks very small, the diameter of a few hundred dozens of microns to dozens of hundreds of nanometres between, but such a diameter for the precision of very high electronic products has been very large, so you need to use a clean room to remove dust particles in the air, to ensure product quality will not be affected by dust.

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In addition, temperature and humidity also has a great impact on product quality, the temperature is too high or too low will lead to the production of raw materials, thermal expansion and contraction of the situation, which will also affect the quality of the product; high humidity will lead to electronic products moisture, humidity is too low, the production environment will be dry, so there will be a static impact on the electronic products, especially the discharge of electronic products has a great impact on the integrated circuits (ICs), transistors, capacitors, chips, etc., resulting in damage to the product or reduce the yield rate of the product.

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For the clean room of the electronics factory, cleanliness requirements in the 100,000 to 300,000, or even between the 10,000 level; temperature and humidity requirements must be controlled in the appropriate range, temperature control in the 18-26 ℃ between the air humidity control in the 45-60% RH, only to ensure that electronic products in the production of temperature and humidity will not be affected by the changes in the temperature and humidity. So how to control temperature and humidity?

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FURUIDA constant temperature and humidity machine is mainly composed of compressor, electric heater, electrode-type steam humidifier, continuous dehumidification executive element, continuous speed-regulating condensing fan and other components.

It has the functions of automatic refrigeration, heating, dehumidification, humidification, air purification and addition of new air. Temperature, humidity adjustment can be synchronised to ensure that the indoor temperature and humidity is in a constant state, through the installation of air supply pipe, return air pipe to meet the temperature and humidity needs of all corners of the large space; and for the need for fresh air places, can be designed to meet the demand for fresh indoor air, used in electronic factories to control the temperature and humidity in the clean room with good results.