Wood health room constant temperature and humidity machine Furniture does not crack and deformation

2023-10-28 16:20:20 admin 3

We now use furniture made of wood, both solid wood and plywood, but no matter what material they are dry, if there is moisture, then the furniture will be deformed, this situation is more common in the rainy season. For furniture factories, deformed furniture is a huge quality incident, a crooked furniture is not sold. So what can furniture city do to avoid this situation? It needs to start from the source, that is, the quality of the wood should be good, not crooked.

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In addition to the wood can not be crooked, the moisture content of the wood can not be too high, because if the moisture content is too high, made of furniture, with the disappearance of moisture in the wood, then the furniture will be deformed, mortise and tenon structure will even be loose, resulting in the furniture falling apart. This is why furniture is made with dry wood. Of course, the wood used to make furniture can not be too dry, otherwise the wood will crack, then the loss will be big, because the cracked wood can not make furniture.

Nowadays, furniture factories rarely buy their own timber, are from the timber dealers to buy boards to make furniture, of course, buy their own number to make boards of furniture factories also have. However, whether you buy boards or make their own boards, will face a problem, that is, these boards after a period of time after storage, the moisture content will be higher than the production of furniture needs, because these boards in the storage of the time back to the absorption of moisture in the air, resulting in moisture 10% to 13%, if serious, it will be higher.

Furniture using panels in the transport, storage and production process of moisture, this problem is easy to be ignored, especially in the wood flooring, collocation, solid wood furniture production process is more so, and this problem once ignored, then the furniture in the production of all aspects of the quality of cracking, deformation and other problems. For example, the furniture factory is purchased from the northern region of the plate, to the southern region of the production of furniture, this problem will arise, because the northern region of China's drier, the plate after drying the moisture content is low, while the southern humidity, so it is easy to return to the moisture.

So how to solve this problem? That is, these panels for health treatment, that is, once again to remove the moisture absorbed back to the moisture, or made of blank semi-finished products, and then health treatment, so that the panels with the blank every so far as the moisture content to reach a balance and then proceed to the next step in the production of the furniture can be solved cracking, deformation, discolouration and other quality problems. Therefore, it is recommended that the furniture city to establish a wood health room, the use of Freda constant temperature and humidity machine to the wood, blank maintenance, to ensure that furniture production is not affected by temperature and humidity.

FURUIDA constant temperature and humidity machine, with humidification and dehumidification as well as cooling and heating functions, can ensure that the health room is always in a constant temperature and humidity state, so that the wood, furniture blanks in a constant temperature and humidity environment to eliminate residual stress in wood products, the moisture content control in the production of suitable for the 8-12% range, so that the wood in advance of the sale of home environments, to prevent deformation of the furniture, cracking, and other quality problems can be greatly reduce the impact of temperature and humidity changes on the quality of home, is a good choice for furniture factories to improve the quality of furniture.