Application of Constant Temperature and Humidity Machine in LED Industry

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The heating device is the key link to control the temperature rise of the constant temperature and humidity experimental box; When the self priming pump controller receives a temperature rise command, it outputs voltage to the relay and adds approximately 3-12v DC to the solid-state relay; Its AC terminal is equivalent to a connecting conductor; The contactor is also pulled in at the same time. There is voltage at both ends of the heater to generate heat. The heat is brought to the box through a circulating fan with a vertical centrifugal pump, increasing the temperature of the constant temperature and humidity machine, and the temperature will soon reach your set value; Adjust the controller by adding on and off to the solid-state relay; In a constant temperature and humidity test chamber, we adjust the heating value by observing the heating output on the screen; This is to control the temperature above 89 degrees. How to control temperature stability below 89 degrees? The constant temperature and humidity test chamber generates heat through a solid-state relay on one side; In addition, cooling is achieved through the refrigeration cycle of the compressor to achieve dynamic balance; The temperature is constant.

Cooling is an important part of a constant temperature and humidity machine and an important parameter for measuring its performance. It consists of four components: compressor, condenser, throttling device, and evaporator. The compressor is the heart of the refrigeration system. It inhales low-temperature and low-pressure gases and converts them into high-temperature and high-pressure gases. It condenses into a liquid to release heat and is carried away by a fan. Therefore, under constant temperature and humidity conditions, the test chamber is the cause of generating hot air, which is throttled into a low-pressure liquid and then transformed into a low-temperature and low-pressure gas through the evaporator, returning to the compressor; The refrigerant absorbs heat in the evaporator, completes the gasification process and absorbs heat again, thereby achieving the purpose of refrigeration and completing the cooling process of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber.

The humidification system is roughly the same as the heating system; It is the process by which a heater converts water into steam; Complete the humidification purpose of the constant temperature and humidity machine.

The dehumidification system is also completed by the refrigeration system, and the evaporator is placed in a constant temperature and humidity machine; The weather is quite cold. The high humidity gas in a constant temperature and humidity machine condenses into a liquid when it encounters a cold object; In this way, the high humidity gas inside the chamber will be smaller than the high humidity gas inside the salt spray test chamber, thus achieving the purpose of dehumidification.

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