How to solve the problem of insufficient exhaust capacity in the compressor of a constant temperature and humidity machine?

2023-10-28 16:10:08 admin 2
Insufficient exhaust capacity of the constant temperature and humidity machine compressor:
Intake filter malfunction:
1) Fouling blockage
2) Reduce exhaust volume
3) Suction pipe too long
4) The pipe diameter is too small, which increases the suction resistance and affects the gas volume
Solution: Regularly clean the filter.
The decrease in compressor speed reduces the displacement:
1) Improper use of air compressors, as their displacement is designed based on high altitude, suction temperature, and humidity.
2) When used on platforms that exceed the above standards, the suction pressure decreases and the exhaust volume decreases.
Solution: Pay attention to the impact of the environment on the compressor and make timely adjustments.
Question 3
The severe wear of the cylinder, piston, and piston ring increases the related clearances and leaks, affecting the exhaust volume.
Solution: Regular maintenance.
Question 4
The stuffing box is not tight, causing air leakage and reducing air volume.
1) The reason is that the stuffing box itself did not meet the requirements during the manufacturing process;
2) Secondly, it may be due to poor alignment between the piston rod and packing box during installation, resulting in wear and strain, leading to air leakage;
Solution: Fill the stuffing box with lubricating oil to provide lubrication, sealing, and cooling.

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