Cabinet type constant temperature and humidity machine heat dissipation method

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Cabinet-type constant temperature and humidity machine can be realised in high temperature environment with high power equipment, so heat dissipation has a great influence on the stability and service life of the equipment. At present, air cooling and water cooling are the two mainstream choices. Which kind of heat dissipation?

        1. Air-cooled heat dissipation: air-cooled heat dissipation uses air circulation. The main cooling components consist of heat sinks, light pipes and cooling fans. The utility model eliminates the indispensable cooling tower, cooling water pump and piping system in the cooling water system, saves water resources, low cost, easy and quick installation, commissioning and maintenance.

        Disadvantages: compared with the water-cooled noise, the cooling effect has a specific upper limit, not applicable to high-power equipment, especially the power is greater than 20kW of equipment. In order to avoid the adverse effects of heat dissipation on the cabinet constant temperature and humidity machine, air-cooled is not recommended.

        2. Water cooling: water cooling uses the circulating fluidity of water to dissipate heat. The main components are composed of water tower, water pipe and water pump. The practical new type of cooling effect is good, environmental adaptability, can be applied to all kinds of constant temperature and humidity test chamber equipment.

        Disadvantages: installation of electronic water treatment instrumentation or strong magnetic water treatment instrumentation. Otherwise, the cooling efficiency will be greatly reduced. The longer the use time, the worse the system effect. The annual water treatment cost is high, and the descaling effect is not very good. The water quality of cooling circulating water is key. Maintenance time is much higher than air-cooled, depending on environmental factors and frequency at the machine site. Construction and maintenance costs are also high.

        In general, cabinet-type constant temperature and humidity machines have good cooling performance but high cost. It is generally used for non-standard equipment or large-scale step test chamber. However, the power of conventional equipment is about 4~10kW, and the air-cooled heat dissipation is sufficient and more affordable.

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