Noise of cabinet-type constant temperature and humidity machine

2023-10-28 16:12:00 admin 19


The noise level of a cabinet-type constant temperature and humidity machine is determined by the requirements of the test conditions and the dimensions inside the test box. For example, the lower the test temperature and the larger the box, the noise will be greater than that of a standard machine. Generally speaking, the noise of the standard machine (temperature -40~-70, box volume: 80~100L) is about 60dB, which is acceptable to everyone, so what will happen after this decibel?

        1. The main cause of equipment noise is compressor and refrigeration system, so Aisley will choose low noise compressor in terms of material.

        2. In the production process of cabinet constant temperature and humidity machine, low noise accessories are used.

        3. In the production process, the compressor refrigeration system is equipped with base damping device and lubrication system.

        4. Choose a good brand of compressor with low noise.

        5. Anechoic cotton and honeycomb soundproof cotton are added to the compressor to reduce the noise.

        6. The inner edge of the refrigeration cabinet is made of honeycomb sound-absorbing sponge and sound-insulating rubber moulding to ensure that the purpose of noise reduction is achieved.

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